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How to replace ignition switch?

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Looks like you've got an aftermarket wheel. You need to remove the hub, the cover underneath, use a lockplate depressor to remove the snap ring and remove the lockplate. Remove the turn signal switch and lever and you'll be able to access the lock cylinder. There are differences so you need to tell us what year the column is for more details.

Thanks Vile.
I'll create a different post to keep it organized.

Hey Vile,

I'll copy/paste here too:

My steering wheel is aftermarket, but does that change the setup of the column?
You also mentioned that I need a puller to remove the hub - would the hub be the metal piece in the first photo?
Will any old wheel puller work or does it need to be specific?

This is close enough to show you the basic steps. Obviously only go down far enough to replace the ignition cylinder.


and 3B4


Very cool. Excellent instructions.
I have a service manual, but I think it's older than the 86 you shared. Mine is just Red with no picture- I forget the year.

I have all but two necessary tools listed which are new tools to me. May I confirm whether these would work?

Steering wheel puller:

Lock plate remover/installer

Pivot pin remover would be a third tool, but that's not required for this job.


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