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Seat-belt bolts in 1982 C10


It looks like a Torx socket will be needed to remove the floor seat-belt bolts from my '82 Chevy C10. Can anyone confirm this and provide the specific T-size needed? I'll have to order the tool. Thanks.

It has been a while, but I believe it was a t50.  When I did it years ago, I broke several bits with a 36" breaker bar and still had to cut a couple bolts to finally get them all removed.  i hope you fair better.

Thanks. I'm not expecting an easy removal. These bolts have been in this truck for 40 years.

T50 is the size you'll need.  See if you can spray some penetrating oil on the bolt from the underside of the floor.  Be sure the Torx bit seats properly before you apply force.  Drilling out one of these bolts will not be fun.  Good luck !


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