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Shamrock Motors:
Hello All,
 I am wondering if anyone has run into the issue of finding a new crate motor. Seems all the common areas to look, Summit , Jegs, Etc are either out of them or they are on back order. When I started my project of swapping out my 305 with a standard transmission I had my heart set on the 350/290 replacement engines that all the speed catalogues offered. Now I understand that they have been discontinued. Would anyone have an idea where I could get something close to that offering ?


Covid was tough on everyone.  My first thought was ATK or Blueprint, but they're probably hurting for product as well.

"Due to GOVID"

Nothing better than your own. Or find a local talent in your area.

VZ is right on! Get one from a salvage yard and if you cannot get a good running engine, get one that you can rebuild. I did not know they were hard to come by. Good thing I still have one I rebuilt awhile back in my shed, 350 4 bolt bored 40.

I just installed a 350CID 400HP in my 86 chevy K10 stepside to replace my tired V6.  I got it from Engine Factory out of New Jersey. Great  engine and people were great.  Many options .


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