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Paint Curiosity
« on: April 15, 2018, 03:30:17 PM »
 My recently purchased 1984 C10 is presenting me with a number of curiosities.
Paint color is a biggie.
The front had been repainted in what has faded to an orange color.
Removing that layer and blend areas on the doors revealed what I think is a color called "red orange."
The interior matches that color, even the floors and the inside of the glove box door w/plastic inner liner removed.
The finish beneath that faded paint appears to be factory.
A large portion of the roof is factory "bright red," as are many areas where I rubbed too much with the lacquer thinner.
That layer of red appears to be there just about everywhere in the exterior, beneath the red orange.
Not so on the firewall, which is red orange with much black coating sprayed around in the usual places.
Could this have been resprayed at the factory for some reason?
If the exterior was brite red, could the interior be red-orange? The firewall?

I do not have an RPO sticker. I have not been able to find paint codes anywhere.

Any guidance would be appreciated.
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Re: Paint Curiosity
« Reply #1 on: July 02, 2018, 11:23:30 AM »
A new revelation today...adds to the mystery..........

I pulled the dash pad off today.
The color is red-orange behind the pad.
This truck had to have been thet #71 code red-orange from the factory.
As there is red showing under the red-orange on the roof, fenders and other spots,
I gotta think the truck was originally painted red by Chevy, but resprayed red-orange at the factory for some reason .

Really strange......
You can lead a man to water, but yoiu can't keep him from pissing in it.

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Re: Paint Curiosity
« Reply #2 on: July 02, 2018, 08:24:23 PM »
With 34 years under her belt a number of things can happen over that time. I see black, grey, red and red/orange. I am thinking somebody stripped it to bare metal, black epoxy the outside, used a grey filling primer, painted it 72 Victory or Apple Red, then repainted it again code 71. I would look at the cab corners and see if there is any work in them.
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Re: Paint Curiosity
« Reply #3 on: July 03, 2018, 07:16:53 AM »
Hi Ronno6:
I think I would agree with AZ that it most likely was not a factory is my theory:

I have noticed that the original cab paint jobs of trucks of your vintage (same as mine) started to fade and peel on the top horizontal surface of the roofs and hoods first. When I bought my 76 C-20 back in 1989, the paint was in excellent condition except for the hood and roof where the clear coat was burning off...within 5 years the roof was rusting and although the hood was not rusting, the paint was severely faded. I have seen this on a lot of these old trucks since I used to junkyard a lot. I bet your truck had the same problem, so one of the previous owners decided when he repainted it to sand down the roof of the cab to bare metal to get rid of the rust before repainting...he did not sand down to bare metal on the rest of the cab as it was not rusty.