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Today at 09:17:55 AM by 86chevytrk | Views: 18 | Comments: 0

Ok so I have a 1986 c10 custom deluxe. It came with a non tilt steering column. I replaced that with a 1990 suburban column with tilt. I had some trouble changing the neutral safety switch but whatever I did seems to work correctly.  The signal lever had a broken cc control (on the end of the lever). It looked like heck so I replaced it with one without cc. The lever fits and notches fit correctly (the inner and outer slots that accept the  lever). It was trial and error to find the correct lever but it fits right. The wipers stay on when the ignition is on. I unplugged the motor during the summer because of obvious reasons. Now that it's raining it's cool but unplugging it on dry days sucks. My issue is besides the continuous wipers the lever wiper control seems weird. It rotates freely on the wiper speed part. Meaning there's no steps or resistance in the twist. The the spray twists and stops fine. It doesn't spray but the wipers are priority 1. I should mention I changed the core support to the 90's version and plugged the harness directly into the cab connector. I've scoured the search on this site that I've created a wear mark on my iPad. I've found the end of he Internet with no answers. Please please please help me figure out this problem. I pulled apart the column to fix the cancel cam and explored the column portion of the switch. It has a pivot rod that holds it in place. I removed the pivot rod to look under the switch but I can't see anything out of the ordinary. Someone on here must have an opinion or a direction. Sorry for the long post thank you
November 21, 2017, 08:13:22 PM by tipoblanco | Views: 25 | Comments: 0

i have a 1984 k10 with an inline 250,it had the integrated head with the smog stuff,i have removed that and am going with a regular 250 head with a Clifford 4bbl intake,my question is does anyone know a header that will fit this truck?
November 21, 2017, 06:25:25 PM by cairopd1069
Views: 49 | Comments: 5

1981 C10 305 2 Barrel Carb.
I need to replace the fuel line that runs from the fuel pump to the carb.  I ordered a pre-bent line from , but it is going
to take a lot of adjustment to get the ends to attach where they need to and I'm not experience in bending metal lines.  Can you use flexible line or do they even make a flexible line for that application?
November 21, 2017, 04:12:09 PM by ChevyK20BBC | Views: 60 | Comments: 6

Hello everyone, I'm having some transmission problems and I'm hoping someone can give me some insight on my situation. Well to start off, last week I pulled my sm465 cast iron top transmission because it was popping out of third gear, So I ordered a complete rebuild kit with synchros, and small parts. I also replaced 3rd gear and its slider with the updated torque lock style. I also installed the 3rd. gear spacer on the countershaft that replaces the snap rings between the gears. I also rebuilt the whole top cover with new springs and balls, and I replaced both 1-2 3-4 shifting forks because the coating was worn, and I just wanted to be absolutely sure everything was done. So anyway I put it all back together,everything seemed to go together smoothly and I double checked everything. I drove it and everything was great, shifting smooth, no popping out of gear, no grinding or whining, just a nice big smile on my face. The first ride was about 5-6 miles or so, parked it and slept. Next day I drove about 2 miles and then got on the highway for about 12 miles or so, kept it under 60mph. When I got off the highway it was still good for another couple miles then it grinded shifting from 3rd. to 4th. slightly, so I got a little worried but it went away for a mile or so and now its a Constant Problem. Just driving slow shifting normally 3rd to 4th grinds on the upshift as it goes into 4th. Downshifting into 3rd. is fine and if your coasting down the road and push in the clutch and pull it out of gear and then back in and it doesn't grind, Only on the upshift. If I wait a second or two between shifting that gear it doesn't grind though, I'm losing my mind. Sorry about the long story. Also there are no other problems with the tranny. I don't get it I fixed the popping out problem and caused a new one? Please Help
November 21, 2017, 08:12:33 AM by PBritty
Views: 46 | Comments: 3

Good day! 

I know many people don't like vent windows and I remember many a day driving around with my Dad in his trucks and wondering why there was a business card under the vent window latch (stopped the whistling of the wind thru the vent window), but I like them and I think it is one of the unique things about square bodies.

I made a couple of these this weekend as you cannot buy them new. I used 16 gauge steel a drill press and came pretty close. The good news is 90% of this is covered by window rubber. It also rivets into place.

If anyone is interested I have other DIY stuff on these windows.

Cheers, PBritty

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