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« on: January 26, 2002, 04:16:00 AM »
I've read a few articles on the functions of a tbi and I've gotta say, man, this thing is unbeliveble.
First of all, can anyone tell me if getting rid of the kat would make the tbi send a check engine soon signal
and if not, what could if be?since it only happens after the truck's been running for over 10 to 15 minutes.
I read that there is a computer readout divice that can be bought at the automotive store and suppost to read out the diognostics for fuel system, Please explain.
And can anyone tell me where I could go to get the readouts translated to human lenguage?.
what edvice can you give besides checking all of the sencors provided and no I have not done any major swap ups other than the air condition pully that I've notice.  ( tranny has had a oil cooling sys. added)

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Re: My TBI
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to answer your first question, no, removing the cat will not trigger a code on that system. It has no rear O2 sensor to check whether the cat is functional or not. As far as checking your code goes, get yourself a GOOD manual for that engine(or befriend a good technician) first of all. Both would be good, in case he gets pissed at you(we're a fickle bunch) The manual will tell you what pins on your data link connector to jump to access the codes. From there it's just a numbers game to find what code is stored in memory. In an older system like yours, if the code is not present it may not be held in memory. Some of the older GM's didn't hold codes from one ignition cycle to the next. I'm guessing you're code is either an o2 sensor bad or a system lean/rich code. Both are usually connected due to the way the TBI worked then. Good luck and if you can extract the code let me know and I'll try to help you with it, Bill

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Thanx Bill
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Thanx Bill, I'll do just that.