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hey guys i have an 81 k5 jimmy Im gonna start to restore. I used to use this truck as a mud toy but thought she needs some love its gonna be a road only k5 im leaving my 6 inch lift in it with 35. The jimmy has a worn out 350 with a turbo 350 tranny. Now i cant decide on if I should go with a 5.3L chevy and trans out of a smack up this would be a cool swap and you can pick these up fairly cheap. I Have been doing alot of research on these swaps also. second rebuild the 350 and maybe a 700r4. and finally 3rd some sort of diesel, cummings or detroit 2 smoker. Also what would be the best rearend ratio to go with for these 35 ? im thinking 3.73 If i go with an overdrive tranny. Thanks Marc

It all depends on your budget. I would think that if you freshened up your 350 and used vortec heads then a 700 it would make power and wouldn't break the bank. Your K5 should have come with a 700r4 anyway.

Stewart G Griffin:
You've probably already made your switch, but to me it boils down to time;   It will take a long time to swap either a LS or diesel where a sbc was.  So in my opinion either rebuild the 350 or get a 383HT.

that 383ht while pricier than a rebuild is a great way to go. That is the route i took on my 86k6. paired with a th350 4:10 gears and a detroil locker in the rear.
its a torque monster.

That LS swap is becoming very popular. readily available and can make some good power. The ls and diesel swaps all depend on your level of expierence and ability to trouble shoot and improvise.

good luck with whichever route you go.


My 90 Jimmy is going to them for a 6.0/4L80e swap...


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