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1975 Blazer top cover rear door

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Hey guys, I've been looking around and I'm either typing the wrong thing in the search boxes or the information isn't available.

I have recently purchased a 1975 Blazer. The top cover is missing the rear gate. I'm wondering where i could find a replacement.

Will any rear door fit?
Does a specific year fit better than others?
Is there another alternative I'm not considering?

I am no Blazer expert but it appears you have a pickup tailgate.  I thought they all had windows that rolled up into a channel in the fiberglass top...

Thank you. I believe you are exactly correct. For some reason i was thinking it would be similar to a camper top where the glass attached to the top. I will start looking for a rear door for this. Thanks again.

You need the actual Blazer tailgate.  The normal pickup tailgate was an option on the Blazers but I have never seen one with it..

as Captkaos said, it needs to be a Blazer tailgate.  a suburban tailgate won't work either, the glass is different between the two as well as the gate.  blazer had the removeable top and the suburban did not so the back window and run channel are different.


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