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86 blazer with 6.2 and 3 speed auto

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I hope to look at this truck tomorrow, but I'm clueless when it comes to diesels, any issues I should be looking for? what tranny is the 3 speed in 86? and I thought all the diesels came with 3/4 ton axles but this on appears to be 6 bolt 1/2 tons, was it just military k5's that used the 3/4's?
Thanks for any insight you can offer.

M1009 should be 10 bolts with a TH400

Exactly. I have worked on those things on the job for years. Anyone that needs to know about them, feel free to ask.

So if you guys were to rate a 6.2  and a 400 tranny on a 1-10 scale where would it fall as far as desirability ... I'd like to use it foe a plow truck next winter. I see its rated for a 140 horse which seems odd to me, i thought it would more houses the a 350 gas motor.

Some people love them. I personally think they are noisy slugs that aren't enjoyable to work on or drive and they typically get problematic in the cold. I would prefer a nice smooth running 350 gas engine. That being said if all you are doing is pushing around snow and it's in good shape, it may be a perfect fit for what you are looking for.


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