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I bit the bullet this weekend V20 burb to K5 swap

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My wife and i went and picked up a 1986 K5 silverado this weekend, its a little rougher for the wear + hitting black ice in a whiteout blizzard in the middle of the night and ending up in the ditch didnt help matters, but its home now.

A few pics at the public link at the bottom, im gonna take better ones tomorrow once its sunny out so i can get clear pics

 Odo shows 23181 so im gonna assume 123K or 223K, based off the minimal rust id say probably the 123K no back seat, but i am gonna see if i can put the 3rd row from the suburban in there.

The interior seems complete, needs a good detailing and probably a few lightbulbs.

PO removed the crate 350 engine and rebuit trans/tcase and sold us the roller for $200

Next weekend my wife and I are gonna pull the TBI350, TH350, NP208 out of cliffy and transplant it into the blazer, other than possibly some fun with the wires for the TBI should be a straightforward swap.

Does anyone on here know if we will be able to pull the radiators and be able to just swing the entire combo out of the suburban and into the blazer? eg. unbolt the driveshafts, crossmembers and engine mounts, all the wires and exhaust then just move the whole shanabang( engine/trans/tcase)  and bolt it into the blazer?

We will be keeping the 10bolt axles... for now, but i am keeping the 14bolt rear and the 8lug 10 bolt off the burb before crushing it so i will have spares.

What size tires are ok for 3.42 geared 10bolt axles? 35x12.5? 37x14? I have 18.4-16.1 ag tires to put on it next year but for now just want to run what the axle can withstand under decent abuse, mostly mud, some dirt and swamps. it will rarely see roads, except when my wife wants to take it to work, the tag says 31's came with it but im quite sure the ones on it are smaller than 31's bc the 235/85r16 on the burb are much taller

Any other advice before we begin would be appreciated too.

Both diffs will be inspected and fresh syn fluid, and fresh antifreeze too.

We will also be installing the aux rear heater into the blazer, if nothing more than to provide a "mini" radiator in the back during the summer, based off the size it can remove 10-14K BTU from the engine, and i noticed 2 summers ago when i was bog racing i could drop the engine temp 5-10F by turning it on, especially when the front rad was getting clogged with mud -.- lol


In case anyone was wondering, its not gonna get a major lift or anything for now, just maybe 1" add-a-leaf for the front and 2" block for the rear, i dont want to swap springs right now because i dont want a harsh ride lol

... paging 1..2...3... anyone out there lol

Removing front core support will help, so you may be able to lift and place the whole engine/tranny combo as a unit.

I wouldn't go above 35" tires on a 10 bolt, and you'll likely not fit anything above 32" without some sort of lift.

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sorry im not sure what your meaning by front core support, is that under the radiator or the condensor? both of those will be removed on both vehicles, as well as alt and PS pump/fan and shroud, im thinking of just bolting the Tcase separately to make it a little easier, and i can open it, inspect it and reseal that stubborn side that leaks still. the engine and trans only have 38K on thier rebuilds so im not worried about them.

Thought of another question while i was at work today, will a 1977 small block 400 AC compressor fit onto the 1987 engine block? its TBI so its still the old style with passenger side alt and drivers side AC and PS pumps....  i did get the serp belt combo for the alternator, i could find scrap brackets if need be, but i think it would be the right compressor.

The current plan is to just run the 225/75r15 that are on it for a few months and see whats out there for 35's maybe just 33's im gonna do the cheap mans lift, just put the HD 3 leaf front springs on it and the zero rate add a leaf from ORD, and then see what size block i would need to have the back end up about 1' higher than the front when not loaded, so when we have gear in it we should still be pretty level. i think i should gain 2-2.5" in the front that way.

Just so yall know i have a 8lug GM 14FF rear that can go on this blazer and i can easily grab a set of 8x6.5 to 6x5.5 adapters online that are only 1.5" thick, so it wouldnt affect the look very much, im just not sure how sturdy the front 10bolt axle is and how hard it would be to swap to a 4.10 ring and pinion

I think with my wife helping that we should be able to pull off the swap in one afternoon and wiring the next morning ( i hope)

30 or 31 will be ok with the 3.42's, anything bigger I would regear.

Chris Lucas


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