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86 Chevy K5 with carbed 305 not getting gas into carb

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Hello , I got a 86 Chevy K5 with a 305 and 4bl carb [ not original motor ] ive had the blazer for around 5 or 6 yrs now and its just been used to play in the mud with . 2 yrs ago I had to replace the fuel pump and all was good the last 2 yrs now I haven't used it for anything but always moved it around yard to keep it going and its been fine last fall I parked it for the winter I keep it cleaned during the winter and try and start when I can last winter I couldent get it to start but it would turn over . I thought maybe the in carb gas filter was just plugged as I pulled line off pump and gas was flowing good so I got the filter and still no gas going into carb . after I put it in I pulled it back out and filter was dry and pulled the 5/8 line off the 1" line and gas was going up to and sprayed to the other side of motor hooked back up and nothing going in carb . today I was tinkering on it and first I pulled filter out after trying it a couple times and filter felt damp and smelled like gas put it back together and again nothing going into carb . it will fire up if I put a little gas in the carb but wont keep running of course , was hoping it would help gas into carb or ?? I tried wrapping on carb a little just to see if it was the float but to no good . I'm not a carb guy at all but pump seems good and gas is all the way up to carb so what is wrong ? I need to get this going as I need it out of the yard and running will sell better then not running , thanks for any help !

You lost me at 5/8 line and 1" line. Are you referring to the fitting size? Is fuel pumping out of the pump? If it is and if you spray fuel into the carburetor resulting in it starting, then the problem is within the carburetor.

yes sorry I mint to say that , and yes fuel pumping out the pump and all the way to the carb so pump is still good just cant fig. out why its not going in carb .

is is a Rochester? float valve stuck? try filling the float bowl through the vent hole at the front of the carb, look for a 3/8" tube, 4 oz of gas, it will run till dry again, but maybe the vibration will free the valve.

Rebuild or replace the carburetor.


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