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86 Chevy K5 with carbed 305 not getting gas into carb

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--- Quote from: JohnnyPopper on September 16, 2018, 01:55:23 PM ---is is a Rochester? float valve stuck? try filling the float bowl through the vent hole at the front of the carb, look for a 3/8" tube, 4 oz of gas, it will run till dry again, but maybe the vibration will free the valve.

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Its a Rochester . I wondered if the float was stuck I know years ago we used to just give them a few taps and sometimes that would work I tried that and it didn't of course lol ill try the gas down the vent tube anything is worth a try . I just don't have the time and never have done a rebuilt on a carb before . I was hoping a little gas down the carb would get it going but that didn't work either .

I know Rochester's can be intimidating, but they're more simple than they look.

If I can offer anything it's this:

Get the number off your carb to match with a rebuild kit. Even if you don't go deep into a rebuild, you will probably tear the top gasket.

Working a rebuild on the bench is much easier than being hunched over the engine, you want to change out the base gasket anyway.

The choke linkage needs to be undone before the top can come loose.

The main valve replacement is easier than it looks, setting the float level is too. Take your time, and take Pictures...

When you're dropping the top assembly back on, the metering rods (big ones) tend to hang up. Open the throttle valve slightly and she will drop in like a cat into your lap.

Finally, a thin coat of grease on the base gasket will help seal against vacuum leaks, don't over tighten the four main bolts.

Hope that helps and you are back to rocking your Chevy!


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