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Re: Coronavirus
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At work they gave us one cloth mask and said you can't wear it everyday and to let it dry out for a day??? We were able to convince some brass to give a couple out so we could do as they suggested. Then they started giving us the surgical mask that pull on your ears, so I designed and 3d printed some ear savers that would snap on the back of your head like a bra and make the mask that go around your ears essentially they style that goes around your head. Then work stopped giving us mask because it was costing too much. Worst part is we had to insure inmates properly wore their mask when ever out of their room except to eat lol. It was a joke and you could feel the tension building Everytime we told an inmate to put their mask on right. We had a couple riots just because the inmates were not as free as they were and we're being told what to do
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