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1991 chevy v3500 help with camshaft

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Hello everyone i got a '91 v3500 i have a mild built 383 stroker to go in well i built the engine for a lighter truck years ago before i put it in storage any way i know the v3500 is heavy for a 3000 stall so i found 2 cams that will work with a stock stall converter.. NOW MIND IM NOT RACING THE TRUCK NOR WILL IT EVER TOW AGAIN IN IT'S LIFE.....!!! It's just to drive around and will not be a daily one cam is comp cams hydro roller 8-412-8 the other a sum-1065 flat tappet. Im buying a new converter actually thought about a 2200-2500 can anyone help me out the heads are 64cc chambers 200cc runners flat top +5.00 cc pistons at 10:33.1 i can post cam specs as well in this post of the 2 cams can anyone help me out? I know this is crazy please dont bash me

Also this cam

There's a lot more info many of us would like to have about your truck but I'd assume you are going with a carburetor because no TBI unit will handle any of those cams very well if at all.
Remember you are going to get a lot of mixed reviews so figure out exactly what you want and shift through facts to make you hopefully new and more informed decision.

With what you have posted the first off the list of potential is the last cam you posted. That LSA will sound good but that's the only thing good about it in your application. I would assume since you're using a 3500 you have hydroboost so vacuum at idle won't be an issue. However you may find that the amount of in burnt fuel at idle will be unbearable. Remember, that in the racing community the narrow LSA ( with reguard to lift and duration factors) is used to make a narrower and more peaky power band. Remember the tighter(smaller in degrees) the LSA the more low end torque you will make but at a cost. Not wanting a loose converter is very unlikely accomplishment with that cam. it says it'll work and that's because of the lower duration.

For me the other two are a toss up. If the block is already ready for a roller cam and you have roller lifters the comps cam would be my first pick because on a daily I like hydraulic rollers and the split duration and lift. But price is killing me if you don't already have everything else.
The summit cam has more intake duration which will help cylinder filling but it will also make power higher than any of the 3 because of the duration and LSA.

So I'd snatch both summit cams, two gasket sets, make sure my lifters are good and figure which I like the best for how and when you drive it. If you're just making noise, can handle a rough idle, good at tuning to get that snappy torque go with the Sum-1785.
I'm the end it's all about what you wanna live with since you're not focused a purpose built machine.

Thank you i actually bought all 3 lol ill start with the roller to not stress the break in off the bat.
But will try all 3 and see what fits me well.
Show in get a 2000 stall or 1800?

You can easily find one in that range. Remember that the converters stall isn't a hard fact. The advertised RPM is typically a band and the actual stall will be different to some degree depending on the engine. Torque production is the leading culprit. All of this is based on a lot of factors. From weight of vehicle to valve train events based on cam selection and average torque production.

Here's an article for you to read.

Then call this company or one of your choice. Tell answer all their questions about your truck and you'll have the right converter. No one here can tell you which one to get and have any real hopes to help you until you settle on an actual cam shaft.
To help: go to comp cams website and down load their cam dyno to. Plug in the numbers and it will give you a good idea of what the engine should be capable of..(tuning is vital). This will help you understand more about the cam characteristics and their effect on your truck and wallet. All though the wallet may be ok since you just got all three cams.
What hydraulic roller lifters do you have for the comp cam?


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