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Blazer top - what material?

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I was under the impression that Blazer tops were fiberglass, but was recently challenged on that point.  The contention is that they might be SMC (sheet molding compound).  All that I know about SMC is what it stands for.  What's the right answer ?  I picked up a 1975 full top at the local pick and pull, and I hope to put a truck under it someday.  The top needs work, and I thought I'd bring it back to life while I look for the right vehicle.  Thanks to any who respond.

SMC is fiberglass. It is just a method of producing fiberglass parts where there is a matched mold that is closed on sheets of fiberglass and resin that then flows under pressure. It is a sheet material that is made by chopping glass fibers onto a sheet of plastic film on which resin, initiator, and usually a filler mixture has been applied. Another film also having the resin mixture on it is placed on top creating a sandwich and then it is passed between rollers to compact it.
SMC matched die molding has the advantage that both the interior and exterior surfaces are finished. Complex shapes such as ribs and thin details can be molded. Higher production rates are possible. Labor costs are lower than open mold. Minimum trimming of parts is needed. Closer part tolerances are possible.

Once you start sanding, you'll see  ;D Prepare to itch

Have a pair of panty hose standing by... ;)

Can't help with any advice, but that's a rare top that you found.
Nice job.


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