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Is there a kit available for 86' LE8 smog removal (plugs, caps, and belts)? Or just old school and start removing everything. It's a manual so not too much to worry about beside a few vacuum lines. Keep on a trucking!!!!!!

If it is all original and you are in a state that does inspections, you may want to keep as is unless there are problems. If running good, I would not mess with it unless you plan to rebuild.

The only reason I'd do it, is because the smog (A.I.R.) pumps have become difficult to find, thus "saving" yours for the future!  :D

Iíve never seen a kit, but it isnít difficult to do it yourself. Iím assuming you donít need an inspection or you wouldnít be considering doing this.  Iíve  used JB Weld to block the AIR tube ports on the exhaust manifolds.  The myriad of vacuum hoses on the intake manifold will need to be traced to make sure you block off any openings to your engine vacuum.  Be sure to block off any open ports on your carburetor.  Auto parts stores sell vacuum port block-off covers.  Youíll have a much simpler looking engine bay, and chasing a vacuum leak will be greatly simplified.  Good luck!

The "old" three-way plus air, catalytic converters needed air injected into the second half of the converter to support the chemical reaction of reducing the hydrocarbons, but newer three way catalytic converters liberate oxygen in the front half to support the second half reduction. This is why newer engines do not have air pumps. These types utilize an upstream O2 sensor and a downstream O2 sensor to monitor efficiency of the converter. You can run a modern three way cat without the downstream O2, but you should be running EFI if you do. I would assume if you are removing the air pump, you will remove the cat. Running the stock cat without air will be fine, but it will eventually get plugged up.


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