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85 K1- atomic efi / fuel pump install help

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1985 K10, installing a Vortec 383 with 700r4/NP208. Adding the MSD Atomic EFI kit while I知 at it.  Since I知 going efi, I値l need electric pump(s) and have decided to install them in the saddle tanks per Holly痴 recommendation.

I知 at the point where my tanks are out. I致e cleaned them and am letting them dry over night. I知 installing the pump on the end of the sending unit and installing a sock on the inlet side of the pump, completing the assembly, save the wiring. Since I知 eliminating the smog stuff and the evap canister, that値l leave me with an unused vent line on the sending unit. I plan on running my hot line for the fuel pump in, through the vent-port (sealed with fuel resistant rtv) which値l go directly to the fuel pump. The new pump will use use the same ground that the sending unit uses.

Has anyone else done this and am I missing anything?

I can't help with your question, but I'm looking forward to your thoughts on the efi system once you get it up & running.

Sounds like FUN!

I haven't done anything like this but will your gas cap be a one-way vent to allow air into your tank as you deplete your fuel?


Removing the Evap canister is not a good idea. I install them on all of my trucks.


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