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Today at 07:56:22 PM by c10rider | Views: 19 | Comments: 2

Itís me again sorry to smother you guys with questions I have a 74 c10 and Iím getting ready to install the driveshaft, my question is do I need to lube the outside of the yoke or grease the inside before installing, thank you

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September 24, 2018, 10:53:17 PM by MatthewK | Views: 52 | Comments: 2

Hey, I bought a rear axle disc brake conversion kit for a 3/4 ton and I'm just wondering what kind of proportioning valve I need for this system? Can't run the stock one I'm assuming. If not, where can I get one that is made for 4 wheel disc conversions?
September 24, 2018, 06:32:15 PM by Mortyman | Views: 65 | Comments: 2

New member here.  I have a 79 K10 that recently blew the fuseable link on the firewall.  It happened the first time when it was at the paint shop.  And it has happened several times since.  I replaced the fuseable link with a fuse holder so I wouldn't have to splice over and over again.  I can start the truck and it will run for a second or so and then that fuse will blow.  The truck will run very rough at that point and the dome light under the dash comes on and pulsates/flickers. This is intermittent. I was able to take it for a test drive for about 10 minutes the other night. I came back and parked it, half an hour later (not having done anything to it) I started it up to put it in the garage and it popped again.  I have new wiring from the bulkhead, to the starter, to the alternator, new fuseable links at the starter, etc... I just can't figure out why it blows 20/25 amp fuses very quickly when it does and then occasionally it will run for several minutes. Thank you.
September 24, 2018, 06:30:20 PM by 2tone4by | Views: 78 | Comments: 6

I have a 1978 k10 that does not have air cond. has anyone pulled the components from a salvage unit and installed them on a non air cab? Thinking about doing this, just wondering if any of you guys have done this and how much work is involved.....any thoughts appreciated
September 24, 2018, 04:29:18 PM by 83Bulik | Views: 41 | Comments: 3

I have an 83 C10 and whenever i bleed the brakes they feel stiff up until i start the truck up. I think it might be my vacuum booster but im not completely sure. Any ideas or suggestions?
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