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Not to cut the seals while slipping them up the shaft into the housing. Those splines are sharp.
Ok, but what's the theory behind that?
Make sure you wrap the splines with masking tape one wrap before installing seal.
Thanks Mike, never thought of 'blowing out' the seal.

I thought I would drill some small holes in the seal and use a slide hammer, like pulling out a dent.
It can be done. The best way after removing the pitman arm is to center the steering wheel and remove the four bolts on top that hold the pitman shaft cap to the housing. Tap the sector shaft gently from the bottom and pull the cap and shaft from the top. Do not disturb the adjustment nut on the top. You will need the repair kit that has the metal plate gasket for this type of repair. You will not loose any of the internal balls as long as you don’t turn the steering wheel after removal. You can also try the messy way by pulling the pitman arm then snap ring then start truck and tun steering wheel to the lock and use the internal pressure to “blow” the seal’s out. It doesn’t always work but you won’t know if you don’t try.
I guess you're right, it really doesn't output anything  ::)

Thanks VZ, I'll do just that!
You mean the steering gear box. Usually when the seals start leaking there is play in the gearbox. With the wheels on the ground, have an assistant rock the steering wheel while you watch the sector shaft for play. If play exists, changing the seal will be a waste of time. Consider a reman unit if it is walloped. If it looks okay, remove the pitman arm, snap ring and have at it. Try not to scratch the shaft when doing it.
General Discussion / Re: Paid Subscription
« Last post by JohnnyPopper on February 02, 2023, 04:48:52 PM »
Whats your beef with PP?

Is it that they 1099 you for everything over 600.00 per year?  ::)
No, the actual shaft the pitman arm is bolted to.

The kit came with two seals, a flat washer, and snap ring.
Body, Glass & Paint / Re: Lower front fender sheet metal repair panels
« Last post by JohnnyPopper on February 02, 2023, 04:43:58 PM »
Thanks Mike! Do they have front and rear?
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