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Bucket seat conversion

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I bought a set of buckets out of a mid 80's Blazer at a swap meet, but it seems the floor pan for a 79 pickup and the blazer are different.  Is there a set of buckets that will work, or maybe some frames I can put on these seats to work in my pickup?  

Just saw this thread

I know a guy with a late 80's/early 90's suburban that wanted to trade for my bench but the bucket seats were the same as my blazer seats and wouldn't work.  Any more specifics on the correct seat frames I need?


Thanks for the links.  I pulled up the street beat customs website and it lists two options, one of which has "drill" in the title.  Both say they fit the Corbeau seats.  Should I assume they also fit the factory buckets I have?

Don't assume anything. Call or email them and ask.

Good point.  I'll be calling Corbeau in the morning and will post my finding in case any other members want to know.


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