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Bucket seat conversion

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Back from the dead.  Just wanted to post another possible solution.  Has anyone heard good/bad things about the scat/procar seats and brackets?  These are the seats I'm looking at, but of course they have other color combos.

Seats and brackets for ~$485.00 shipped seems much better than the $800.00+ for the Corbeau's.  I understand these are vinyl/velour where the Corbeau's are cloth and leather.

ill take pictures of my buckets, they wont match the rest of the interior till i have them recoverd but paid 150 at the local junk yard for them and they are out of a 1997 ford f150 and boy are they comfy plus they sit alittle higher than stock i LOVE them all i needed was a drill and a center punch and a 3/8 drill bit and they look like they belong in there

Thanks, I'd like to see them.  There's a local guy parting out a 76 with buckets already in it.  Planning on stopping by tomorrow to see what seats and brackets he's got.

This question gets asked a lot. Might be worth creating a sticky dedicated to it.


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