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Bucket seat conversion

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Just spoke to the people at Corbeau and they say they will not work with the factory seats, only with their Corbeau seats.

You need Suburban bucket seat brackets and the inner mounts.

Thanks for the info.  I had a guy I tried to trade my bench for his buckets out of his suburban, but the seats were exactly the same as my Blazer seats that mounted flat in the back instead of angled to match the floor pan.  So I will be hitting the junk yards to see if I can find the right brackets and mounts.  In your other post you said the mounts are welded to the floor.  Does this mean I will need to cut and weld in the new front mounts, or am I reading too much into your post?  Sorry for beating this topic to death.

The 84-91 suburban seat bracket WILL fit a 73-87.  Just bend the rear mount up to match the floor.
The inner mounts are welded to the floor, you will have to remove them with a spot weld cutter or a chisel.

for a truck can't you just use 2 sets of bench seat tracks for buckets?


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