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just bought me some ppi c2's


i found a great deal on them so i bought them. not i am going to need a huge amp to power them. 600wrms into a 4 ohm load, thinking of the kicker zr600 and the phoenix gold xs 2500, and tantrum 500.2.

I just bought a PPI amp that has 30 x 4 plus 120 x 1 at 12VDC into 4 Ohms or 60 x 4 plus 240 x 1 into 2 Ohms.  It will be perfect.  I am considering running two 8" subs instead of tens.  Then maybe I can still put a rifle behind my seat if I want to.

Tracy Focht:
camel, I work for Kicker.......email me, I might be able to help dial you in.

i am interested in a price on a zr600. i can get a mmats d300 for 420 dollars with free shipping in the usa. is there anyway you could beat that deal?


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