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Bucket Seat Info
« on: June 17, 2014, 12:51:32 AM »
Buckets were not offered for pickups after 1982, if you find one with them listed, you can consider them RARE.
The red circled area (thanks Kenny) is the point where the bucket seats mount in a pickup

Factory Pickup buckets were offered in 2 styles, They did not recline and the passenger side was stationary
1) 73-76 low back buckets

2) 77-86 high back buckets.

Pickups had a specific inner mount that looked like this on each inner mount of the seat:

All year Blazers from 73-91 had buckets with a console. Bench seats were an option on earlier models.
You cannot put Blazer seats and mounts in a pickup. The only thing that will work out of a Blazer is the actual seats and console, the seat tracks/mount won't work.
73-86 the whole passenger seat tilted forward for access.
73-76(77) used the Lowbacks
77-86 used hi back buckets. These are going to be the same seat as a 77-84 Suburban bucket.

In 87 the bucket seats on the Blazer/Jimmy changed to a tip and slide setup and they reclined and adjusted fore/aft.  The seats were pedestal mounted on 2 tracks.

If you want something factory Suburban seats mount into pickup with just a slight modification of the rear brackets.  BUT you MUST get the front inner mounts that are welded to the floor.
Later model Suburban 84-91.If you want specifics, had reclining seat with armrests.
You would need seats from a Blazer and seat tracks from a Suburban if you didn't want armrests.  The suburban and Crew Cab share the same basic floor shape as a pickup.

Additional photos of buckets

Buckets using ProCar brackets and lowback seats:

Homemade Bucket Seats from bench seat: