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The speedometer must be recalibrated when rear axle ratio or tire size is changed.

NOTICE: Do not touch the pins on the back of the instrument cluster or immediate damage to the cluster will occur.

Re move the cluster from the vehicle.

Plug the connector from the service kit (figures 20 and 21) into the back of the instrument cluster and momentarily touch the wires across the vehicle battery terminals.
The connector from the service kit should be used a maximum of 10 times.
It is not necessary to perform this step if the speedometer has been previously recalibrated.
Check the calibration chart using the vehicle axle ratio and corresponding tire size to find the appropriate pins to be removed from the clip.
The rectangular end of the clip is the top. The pins are numbered 1 through 8 from the top to the bottom of the clip. Remove the proper pins by bending them back and forth with long nose pliers.
Place the revised clip into the eight holes in the rectangular slot on the back of the cluster.
Install the cluster into the vehicle.

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