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Getting a little fancy... 1987 V10

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Just picked up a new remote control for the old man in the driveway. This thread will be dedicated to placing an 2003 LQ4 in a 1987 V10 Silverado. I will be picking the engine up on Thursday and will do all I can to document every step, bad idea and 'dam it' moments.


The newest update. LQ4 from 03 Yukon Denali. From what I understand it has a different tune over factory truck style LQ4's which gives it 25 more HP. We will see. I fully intend on using both saddle tanks and the 700-R4. I will fabricate an bracket and lever for the TV Cable and pray I get it right. First on the list is stripping the harness and making her run. This engine only has 10400 miles so its still a baby! Not sure how far I'm going to go with the rebuild yet but everything will be posted.

LTZ C20:
Nice. Yukon Denali's are an all wheel drive SUV with a 6.0L V8. If I were you I would get the transmission to match it. You will have an overall better experience with the matching transmission. Also the computer talks with the transmission also so if you dont use the matching trans, you will have to elinamte those parts in the computer.

If you do use the matching transmission, you will need to make some adjustments for it to fit and make some changes to the drive shaft and some other things.

Overall I think you would be very happy and impressed if you used as much of the factory stuff as you can from the yukon, engine, trans, cooling components, wiring harnesses.


Looks like spaghetti tonight.. Getting started on the wiring. Before I took the harness off the engine I labeled everything with a liable maker. I have to start pulling pins and making up my mind about the drive by wire..hmmm to drive by wire or not. If it wasn't for the TV cable it would be a no brainer! I'm not scared of the DBW just of burning up the tranny.

LTZ C20:
Use the DBW, in the end you will be much happier, besides the vehicle was designed to use an electronic throttle pedal.


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