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Bucket seat question...


Ok, before everyone gets their fists clinched, I have factory buckets and I'm wondering if there was ever an option for the seat back to fold forward and recline.  Its frustrating trying to get stuff behind the seats.  Also, were factory speakers common behind the seat?  My back wall has factory carpet and I don't want to cut it.  I remember seeing a set of speakers, 4x10 I think, in a truck at the junkyard a couple of years ago.  Thanks for any hints or advice.

Not sure about the bucket seats, but there was definitely a factory speaker option for 4x10's in the cab corners. 

You can buy reproduction speaker mounting brackets from several of the classic truck suppliers (  truck has them for $34/pair, etc.), or there is a guy who sells them on one of the square body forum sites.


Seats out of a 80's model Suburban recline

Thank you for the replies.  Guess I need to find a 80s burb.

Are the bases interchangeable between these and a stock bench seat? I would like some of those in my 84 Sierra standard cab.


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