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Tahoe seat swap

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Combat Veteran:
Got to say, it's more comfortable than my living room couch. Although you do have to open the doors to adjust the seats, they are tight. 6 way electric seats and console. Should have done it sooner.

Looks great.  I have a '01 2500HD with similar seats w/o armrests and can agree about the comfort level

Stewart G Griffin:
Was this bolt-in, or.............?

Combat Veteran:
Took the mounts off the electric seats. Used two pieces of 1/8th" steel plate and used the existing seatbelt/seat mount holes in the floor to secure them. Then mounted the seats to the plates through the rail holes. Will be cutting the floor in the future, they still sit too high for my liking. 

Those look nice, but me personally, I would leave the head rests off. I could sleep on those, lol


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