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Anyone use one on a 4x4?

Well, there are plenty of folks who have, I'm not one of them BUT...

To get the information you seek about your own truck, where members can assist you, please include the make, model, engine size, transfer case model, gear ratio of your existing drive train as a starter.

Without that, we are limited to offer any meaningful commentary. 

1987 V20 350/TH400/NP208, but unsure of gear ratio, if I had to guess, it feels like 4.10.

I've done some research and for what you gain isn't worth the cost to do it, having the front drive shaft lengthened and the rear shortened.  It takes a 4.10 and makes it a 3.28 final lowering the RPM by 20%.  ROI is hard to justify unless it is a daily and maybe 2 mph gain is worth it.

Their factory is down the street from my office, dropped looking for costs on  my K10,

pretty spendy, like 3500 plus labor.

You can buy alot of gas for 5k.

Ever thought about replacing your TH400 with an OD trans?


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