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That 1980 C10 I keep talking about...PICS Finally

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So she sat getting uglier and uglier for 10 years, non-op in Ramona, a mountain town about 30 miles from San Diego.

Started right up, trans engaged to and fro, laid down 8 c-notes.

Got her home and began the journey.

Finally laid down some base and clear on the firewall, after some attempts to amend the sorry FACTORY mess. Not perfect but a far cry from the way she came into the world.

That is the stock color; Dark Camel Poly- a beautiful color imho.

So the thought is to clean off the primer and go with the patina underneath?

I have a correct stock replacement hood.

Going with a period correct V8 4BBL, 383 though. TH350 behind, don't know what shape it's in.

Tried to send 6 pics, too large.. will send more

Looks like you've got some work ahead of ye.  :)

Appears you don't have much, if any, rust. Should be a good project.

Yes, she's pretty much rust free. I've been trying to load pics, but even though I put them through the head shrinker the site says they're too big... ???

I guess three at a time works  8) or NOT


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