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Vinyl vs cloth

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Since I am planning to order a new skin for my bench seat- I was wondering on  your experiences with materials. Obviously vinyl is more durable and stain resistant however it is hot and sticky while cloth is more comfortable.
 I'd like to hear your opinions on the matter.

I've got vinyl in my K10, yes hot and sticky.

My 3+3 has cloth seats, much better, but vulnerable to staining and dirt.

To do it over, cloth with copious amounts of Scotch Guard at the outset.

Golden Rule: don't let anyone eat in your truck, ever... 8)

I prefer Vinyl.  Hold up better and easier to slide in and out.

When I first got o'l red, I used a vinyl cleaner that worked really well, only drawback was that you slid all over the seat-against your will!  :o

work truck > vinyl

dd or city cruiser > cloth

Southwestern US > dark tinted glass, working A/C, cloth, and an iced tea!   8)


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