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Tis the season....for mice!

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So I have a 1974 chevy stepside c10.  I had trouble with mice getting in the truck and ended up replacing a lot of insulation and seat and interior due to rodent damage.  So I found all of the holes to keep them out of the cab, but I still ended up getting them in the Heater/AC blower compartment.   I figured out last year in the winter that the entrance was most likely a vent, and if I took a minute to shut off the heater/AC when I parked the vent would close and I would not have that issue.  It seemed to work last winter, so here we are coming up on winter again and I will be shutting off the heater religiously.  I will let you guys know how it works.  Does anyone know if that does in fact shut down the vents to the outside?  Thanks for discussions...

I have a 98 jeep grand Cherokee that the mice use to like in terms of the wiring. Someone suggested FlexSeal spray, the original black in stopping the mice. It stopped them, totally. I refresh it once a year, spray areas around the wires, under side of truck my axles etc. They stay away totally.
FYI, also have a  76 gmc Sierra classic shortbed

Flex Seal spray.  Who da thunk.....Thanks for the tip!

I tired everything, flashing light, animal urine, human hair, other sprays, Nothing worked
Black flexseal, no problems
A farmer / cruiser told me about it. In fact my local jeep dealer now uses it when there is an issue with animals.
Good luck, I figure it was a cheap thing to try

I've only had mice in mine one winter..when it was in the garage with two cats. The mice packed my defrost vents full of catfood, so when I'd turn on the defroster, cat food would fly out of the ducts. Not good times.

After that, somebody told me to put dryer sheets "all over" the interior. I'm not sure what amount is the right amount, or even if dryer sheets make mice not hang around. (Maybe the mice think they're ghosts?) But, 10 - 15 dryer sheets under the seat, in the glove compartment, stuffed under the dash, in the heater/defroster ducts if it's not being driven, make it smell better than stale tobacco smoke, mildew, and antique flatulence.

Although I've not had mice since using the dryer sheets, correlation doesn't imply causation. It could also be that I got a few cats that actually catch mice. Or that I moved out of that house that was nestled between two grass fields. If your truck smells funky anyway, it can't hurt to try.


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