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1982 crew cab cummins "pieces"

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so i picked up my crew cab a couple years ago as a 6.2 auto truck converted to a worn out 454, standard fleetside bed, no frills and a blank canvas. i wanted to do a diesel swap when i bought the truck, i was really wanting a detroit 4-53t, but thanks to the epa they arnt exactly plentiful anymore. i bought a bus to take the 12 valve cummins out of, bought an eaton fuller rtx14710c 10 speed, a 4wd front axle out of a superduty ford, and started the project.

i had removed the fleetside bed and the driveline, i had a steel flatbed i wanted to swap over so i can use it for a welding truck. took the cab off and started with a bare frame. i started with my custom 3 link suspension, and once that was done the motor swap came next. dropped in a freshly gone through 12 valve, used the industrial mounts, and made a crossmember for the trans. the eaton bolted to the cummins using a sae 2 flywheel housing, 17 inch flywheel and 14 inch pull clutch. the engine had an on board air compressor as well.

power steering was done by using a homemade adapter to run the stock gm power steering pump mounted behind the engine driven air compressor.

as for transfer case i was going to use a dana 24 divorced case but wound up using a married np241c, i had a custom adapter made to marry the case.

exhaust was handled by a 3 inch down pipe, 4 inch main pipe to dual 5 inch stacks.

im in the process of wiring the chassis and cab up currently, after the wiring is done i will be moving to the interior.

i want to update the interior to a nice set of modern seats, preferably heated and cooled leather just because i like the durability and the look.

i want to try to run 37 inch tires but i dont know if they will exactly clear my front fenders or not. defiantly going to run 35 inch tires but ill try 37s. i still have a laundry list of things to do to the truck yet, ill have some pictures tomorrow hopefully if i get some time at work,

this truck is prolly my favorite project ive undertaken yet, and i grin like a kid in a candy store every time i get behind the wheel of this beast.

once im on the road officially i am planning on doing some minor motor work, just 18* of timing, compound twins, bigger delivery valves, afc live, 75 horse injectors, and a few small goodies. theres a guy on the cummins forum who did a 13 speed conversion running the same engine setup im looking at, and he is producing 450 hp and just over 1000 lb feet.

now that im on winter break from college ive got my evenings and weekends back so im hoping to start making some serious progress within the next few weeks.

Where is the pics?

theyre comming got to log on on my phone. long as it isnt too busy at work ill get some uploaded there. they have better internet anyway

Ok, so it looks like my phone pictures are 1 MB and max allowed attachment size is half that. Whats tge best way for me to get pics on here from y'alls experience.

So here we go,
the day i broght her home,
Then with the new mirrors and the flatbed


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