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I have a 1974 K20 frame and my cab is shot so I found a donor cab from a 1977 C10.  My 74 cab has a high hump and the donor 77 cab has a low hump.  But it appears the 77 cab was once on a 4x4 frame since there is a cut out for the transfer case shifter.  Now a buddy said since I have a 205 transfer case that I should be ok with the low hump.  He said the linkage on the 203 transfer case would hit the cab.  I'm running a 350 attached to a 400 turbo tranny and then my 205 transfer case.  Guess I'm just wanting confirmation that this 77 cab will rest peacefully on my 74 frame without having to cut out the floorboard to install a high hump?  Thanks in advance.

I believe you will have to do some cutting for your transmission and transfer case. You can use your cover from the 4x4 truck to mark the area needed to be cut out. I have an 81 K10 and do not see how it would work otherwise if it were my truck. However, some on this forum has more experience than myself and may have different advice.

Appreciate the help. 


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I had one guy say that I had to worry about the transmission and not the transfer case, which didn't make sense to me...lol. 

The real difference is what is basically under the middle of the seat.  A 2" body lift with a 2 wheel drive cab is supposed to be the answer shy of replacing that part in the cab floor.


That thread may help you see the differences


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