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1980 K20 4x4

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Ahhhh, fond memories of San Diego...

Getting the cab ready to haul up to the body shop, removed the windshield and rear window and nearly cried. Lots of rust and holes under the seals. But the guy was able to easily fix it with metalized epoxy. He ringed the entire window section with this epoxy so if water gets under the seal again, it won't rust.

I ended up replacing everything on the front end except the cab (long story, it wasn't supposed to be so). After market part quality is awful, lots of repair to get the lines right. You can see the repairs on the dry fit. It's all ready now, waiting for more primer and later paint. Working on the bed now.

That car is my '67 Camaro with the six cylinder I mentioned in another thread. I seriously thought about putting this new truck engine in it...


Welcome from SoCal.
Nice looking truck

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Wish I had a barn! Haven't tried yet but I don't think my C10 will fit through the door of my garage so panels will have to come off to be taken care of inside the garage prior to refitting. I'm nearly finished a Land Rover restoration done the same way, aluminium a bit lighter than steel though!

At least you have a garage. I have been doing my restoration in my driveway, have no garage.

The garage is good when it rains, which it does here a lot, but I still had to rebuild my Rover V8 on the drive in between the rain storms!


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