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Bad sound distortion on stock stereo

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My stock radio has a digital clock with cassett player. It works great except for a bad distortion on the left side speakers. Mainly the rear speaker on the bass sound. The beat beat beat rythm of songs is badly distorted. I replaced the rear stock speakers with no luck. It does it on both antenna and cassette tapes.

Any suggestions?

Try thoroughly cleaning and verifying all of the connections between the head unit and the speakers.  Validate the ground connection for the head unit.

Try reversing the left and right connections at the radio. If the distortion moves to the other side, the radio output may be bad...

Where would the ground for the head unit be located? 

I'll try the left right swap and see if the distortion follows it


--- Quote from: shinkle on April 10, 2021, 10:12:24 PM ---Where would the ground for the head unit be located? 

--- End quote ---

If it follows the factory location, the radio grounds to the left kick panel area or the e-brake pedal frame.  Switching the left rear and right rear feeds is a good idea.


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