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1978 K10 in Dallas

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Hi All - I was very happy (relieved!) to find such a great community like this after buying this truck.  I've never owned a truck and never really worked on cars, but that's the point.  I'm excited to learn.  I'm getting rid of my car and this is going to be my "daily driver" (I don't go far fortunately!).  I'm sure I'll have many questions in the future when inevitably something goes wrong, but seems to be doing fine right now.

One immediate question though: I got this also so I could get some utility out of it.  I don't always haul stuff, but when I do I usually try to haul flowers... ;) (see last pic).  Right now I've got the option to pick up some pavers with this or pay the surcharge on delivery.  The pavers would be 2000lbs (probably a bit less than that) and about 20 minutes away.  By the GAWR in the manual, this should be fine.  But is this not a great thing to do to an old truck?  I guess this depends on the condition of the truck, but wanted to get a sanity check in case there's an obvious answer. 

Really impressed by the knowledge in this forum and look forward to chatting in the future!

Welcome, beautiful truck!

The rating is a half ton, so 1000lbs.

Your description is very mild in terms of weight/distance.

Can you split the load/trips?

If you chose to double the load, go real slow.

Keep in mind, if the rear bearings are stock, it may cause them to accelerate wear that has accumulated for years.

In other words, howling may be the result.

Really nice piece of Squaredom!  Welcome from AZ!

Nice, Welcome from AL!

Thatís a Beauty!

Welcome from California

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