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76 Chevy One Ton Dually. Hydraulics questions?


Good evening fellas. I scored on my second squarebody, a decent work truck in my opinion. It was a side of the road deal that I couldn't pass up. So I got this 76 dually one ton, 4 speed with a mason dump on it for $1400 bucks here in New York. I'd love to give details to anyone who may be interested but I don't want to post in the wrong section.. I'm needing some help with a leaky hydraulic pump off the PTO of the sm465 that's In it. Its leaking pretty good around the yolk of the pump. I was able to get the bed up and down pretty decent after about a gallon of hydraulic fluid added to the cylinder. I've got some pics to share. If anyone has any info on this pump. I'd like to rebuild it if possible with some fresh seals. If not I'd need some info on a decent priced replacement. If anyone has any experience or knowledge to share I thank you in advance!

Here's some pics 👍 let me know if there any thing else that would help and I can snap some more tmw.

The numbers posted are the numbers casted on the side of the hydraulic pump. I'd really like to get this thing leak free but I have a feeling it's going to be challenging to find any parts/seals. And one more photo or two of the truck I forgot to add lol

From the looks of the pictures you are not in the city.
I would check around for a hydraulics shop in the area or maybe
a tractor dealer ( Deere, Kubota, etc) even a local farmer might be able to help out. Who made the lift bed see if there is a manufacturers tag somewhere and try contacting them you never know they might still be in business. Good luck with your search.


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