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Transporter nightmare

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Just wanted to share my insane experience with the transporter/logistics company I tried to get to move my C10 from NM to ATX

I sent out an RFQ to a bunch of carriers and logistics companies about a month in advance

I got quotes from the big established guys and uhaul just to get a higher end of my budget idea (1100-1200)

once the quotes from the small independent places started coming in and they were very low (300 to 900)

I knew the lower ones were real and no carrier was going to go with them, so I chose one out of Houston for 550

The agent seemed very knowledgeable, I called the number on their website and it seemed legit

was assured the pick would be no problem. They committed to picking up the truck in the morning when I would get there, target pickup at 11am.

So I went ahead and planned my trip and took off from work, everything was good until the date got closer, a week out I started pinging them everyday

on the day before all i got was excuses or evasive answers saying the pickup would happen as we had agreed upon.

the morning of the day it was supposed to get picked up the agent stopped responding. After calling and calling i was finally able to get a hold of him via text and i was told that they had a carrier and i would be getting the carrier information via email "in a second"

45 minutes later nothing. I called and called again no answer. By this time i had already purchased the truck and done the paper work and i was waiting in a parking lot

No answers, called the main line for the transport company twice finally got a hold of the agent and the agent told me that he didn't have the carrier information and that the carrier had pulled out last minute but more assurances that the truck would move today.

so I drove down the road and got a uhaul box truck and a trailer and drove home

I think I would not be so mad if they had just told me, hey we actually need a 2 day window or even 3 day window up front and when I told them I was going to be driving 13 hours to get there they should have taken their commitment more seriously

My own experiences have been mixed, and you're right, communication is king.

I finally found a great guy after dealing with so many losers but unfortunately, he has retired. Who did you use?


--- Quote from: VileZambonie on October 12, 2021, 06:07:18 PM ---I finally found a great guy after dealing with so many losers but unfortunately, he has retired. Who did you use?

--- End quote ---

Dang that sucks, I've never had great luck but these guys were the worst

The company is called Onroad Transport and Logistics in Houston

Leave them a factual Google Review, although I've seen several of mine deleted including our atrocious Harley dealer here. Shame on Google


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