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Factory Delco Stereo Problems

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Doing restoration work on my '84 K10, the original radio was missing out of it, so I picked up a nice factory Delco stereo with a cassette player off eBay. (Call me old fashioned, I just enjoy cassettes). The radio has been refurbished, and the seller told me it worked perfectly when he bench tested it, given that it's in amazing shape and everything else works perfectly I'm inclined to believe him. However, the audio sounds very distorted, like the pitch is very off at certain frequences. The audio itself is crystal clear, no static or popping, but the pitch is very off. I know these factory radios don't have the best reputation and I can't expect too much, but I do think the problem lies somewhere else and was wondering if you guys had any suggestions as to where I should start troubleshooting.

Would appreciate any help ya'll could lend!

You got lucky it works, I did that and ordered one from ebay and the one I got did  work. so don't know what i'm going to do as for a radio yet.

Try listening to better tunes  ;D

Notwithstanding VZ's gig  ;), have you adjusted the treble/bass knob?

When you say the pitch is off, what does that sound like, as in vocals, instruments, etc.? Or overall?

What comes to mind is that your amperage from the head unit does not match the speakers in impedance or power requirements.

It's mostly instrumentals, voices sound a lot clearer. If you've ever heard a walkman or portable stereo's batteries start to get low, it sounds kind of similar to that which is why I thought it was a power thing. The truck and the radio are both wired up for 4 speakers, 2 dash and 2 rear speakers but I only have the 2 dash speakers hooked up right now. The speakers I got from   Truck, https://www. competitor.com/1973-87-chevy-gmc/cc-csb-1985-91-replacement-dash-speakers

I got the ones labeled 85-87 even though my truck is an '84 because they didn't sell any dash speakers pre-85 but I feel like they wouldn't change impedance/power requirements between those model years. Could be wrong though.


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