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1980 K10, 350. So I fill both tanks and use the left tank first. After only 50 miles or so, the engine quits as if the left tank is out of gas so I switch tanks. Right tank gauge reads full but gets to "e" in about 40 miles. So I switch h back to left tank and it drives another few miles until engine quits as if running out of gas. So I drive on the right tank for a couple miles (on "e") then the engine quits as if it is running out of gas. So I switch back to the right tank a drive, and this cycle repeats.
Any ideas on what is happening?

Loosen the gas caps and see if it still happens

Ok. The first time it happened I noticed that gas was coming out of the right tank so I replace the gas cap. The old gas cap was at least 20 years old. I have not replaced the left gas cap but I'm going to do that now and then drive it. I will let you know how it goes.

Vile said, "loosen the gas caps..."

Loosening the gas caps will help determine if there is a fuel tank venting problem.  If the tanks are not properly vented, fuel will not draw correctly, resulting in the symptoms that you experienced.

So, loosen the gas caps and drive it for 50 miles, or a suitable amount of time/distance, to see if the symptoms go away.  Stay sharp and watch for any fuel spillage around the caps.

Now, if fuel begins to ooze out from under the right fuel cap while you have the left fuel tank selected, or vice versa, there is a fuel selector valve plumbing issue.

If you find you don't have a venting problem! Have you checked your fuel system for debris in the system. If your fuel lines have something in them they could run a bit until it clogs your line, then when you switch tanks the fuel can subside and then run awhile until it get clogged up again. I would take a look at your filters, in your tanks, and your selector valve to see if any debris is visable. Ethanal in fuel today can cause rust and sludge in the 73-87 square body trucks. It messed mine up real bad.


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