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Burning Fuel

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Sounds like your tank switch is not fully switching, leaving the return line on one side while running on the other, this can be very dangerous if you continue to drive like this. When the other tank gets too full it will go into the vent line and then into your carbon canister, ruining it and finally into your carburetor through the  vent line. Ask me how I know  =[

So I drove it again. The last time I drove it I was using the left tank because the right tank registered near empty. After starting, I switched to right tank out of curiosity and it read at half. After driving 9 miles, it was reading a quarter tank, so I switched it back to the left. Today I checked the left tank, after driving about 7 miles, and it reads half again. I'm ordering a new sending unit for my left tank, so while i'm at it I'll check both tanks for debris. I'm also going to order a selector valve, then install it. It's gonna be a few days but I'll let y'all know what happens.
Gotta wait for payday. 😁
Thanks a million for the help. 👍

You can see some of the pics in my build thread how bad my sending units and fuel system looked. The inside of my tanks were really bad and my whole system was in bad shape from rust and sludge.


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