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Hey everybody,

"New Member" here, iam originally from Southern California but live in the now. I joined the forum a few years back when I had my '85 K20 "Big Bird" but I never posted on the forum and then life happened and had to sell Big Bird. But I just bought a '76 C10 that is named "Cookie Monster". Yes it is a theme, I've named every vehicle I've ever owned after a tv show character of some kind. Anyways I'll be starting a build thread for the C10 very shortly. Thanks again for adding me and hopefully everyone enjoys my build.

Welcome from the St. Louis, MO area.  At least your names are interesting... I have Whitey and Old Red...

Hello and welcome (again) from Central California.  Taking liberty, we all look forward to following your build progress.  Watching projects evolve and problems resolve inspires everyone!  Post plenty of pics.   :D

Welcome from Tucson, AZ!

Welcome from SoCal San Diego! Where do you live now?


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