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76 C20 Molding/Trim Clips


I'm replacing the side trim / molding on my 1976 C20. There are four different types of attachment mechanisms.

 1. Screws
 2. stud clips
 3. sticky clips
 4. push in clips.

I have been able to purchase the screws and sticky clips from   truck and they work fine. I plan to reuse the stud clips. But I can not find any push in clips that work! I can reuse about half of the ones that came off, but some of them broke upon removal.

I bought some from  , but they do not stay inside the aluminum without popping back out. I emailed  , and they admitted that they have had complaints before about them not fitting properly.

I then contacted Auveco, who makes alot of other OEM clips. They told me they use to make them, but have since been discontinued.

Does anyone have any of these clips that I could buy? Used OEM would be ok if they are usable, or older aftermarket ones, basically anything that works!

Are these the ones you ordered. I hope it is OK to post this pic.

I saw those, and I believe that's where I got this picture from. If you keep looking on their website, they don't list the clips for sale separately. I called them to ask if they would sell me a few clips, but they said no. They buy the trim + clips as an assembly from another supplier, and couldn't sell them separately.

The ones that the yellow and black company sells as replacements look like this. These are the ones i bought that dont work. PN 30-1628


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