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New member, northern California.

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Hello, and thank you for letting me in.

I have never owned a Chevrolet, but I am very curious about the half ton trucks from the first half of the 80's with the 6.2 liter diesel. The reason is that I do not really like to deal with all the smog stuff on the gas trucks. Just the hassle of it is enough to make me shy away.

So, now I want to be in the forum and learn about things, so I can make an educated decision, and not an uneducated guess. I am originally from Norway, and I can be seen in a Ram truck, with a Ford t-shirt and a Chevrolet Truck cap, and my wife asked me, "are you confused". And I say, as long as it is an American brand, I am ok.   ;D ;D

I hope to enjoy myself here, and I also enjoy being on youtube, currently watching a channel "Steve Summers" from Kentucky fixing his Chevrolet I think it is a K10, but not sure what year.


Welcome from Pennsylvania!


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Welcome from the St. Louis, MO area.

Welcome from AL.


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