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35's with a 250 and 3.73 gears


So, my truck is an '83 k15 with a 250 l6 and 3.73 gears. I plan on putting in a bigger engine eventually, but I won't be able to for a while. I just ordered a 4in rough country lift , and am now looking for some bigger tires. I am split between 33's and 35's. I know that with 35's I will take a significant power decrease, but I really want the bigger tire so it might be worth it to me. I've read dozens of forums and everyone has conflicting responses, so I am wondering what people might think for my situation. Could I justify the bigger tires on my truck, or would it not be worth the power loss? I don't want to hate driving my truck but I think the 35's look exponentially better than the 33's on a 4 inch lift. Thanks for the help 

I agree that a 4" lift will pair well with 35's.

Any chance you can change out your rear end to a lower gear ratio?

And what type of trans are you running?

I do plan on putting in a lower gear ratio eventually, but likely not for a while. I'm 15 and don't have much money to pour into the truck so I have to build it slowly. As for the transmission, I'm not sure of the exact model but it's the manual 4-speed.

The mt 4-speed will deal with that sized tire better than an at would at least.  Either more engine, or numerically higher gear will make you a whole lot happier though.

Shifty is right, an at (automatic trans) would be more taxing than a mt (manual) will.

The net result is that you are creating a drive train in which 4th gear becomes more of an overdrive.

Till you get more horses, or low rear end gear, 3rd gear will be your friend.

Your second friend will be your tachometer, assuming you have one.

If you don't, it will be a worthwhile investment to get an aftermarket tach. Keeps you in the power band of your engine.


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