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New member in South Alabama.

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Hi all, new guy who recently moved from Savannah, GA to Enterprise, AL. 

Rescued an 84 LWB Silverado from meth heads in May and spent three months hand scraping the 7 layers of spray paint and grime off of it to get back to the stock Doeskin Tan and what was left of the Apple Red. Two coils removed up front, flip kit on the rear with a notch and 1" blocks to come soon. Looking for an old aluminum camper shell and she should be good to go.  Strong 350 with an Edelbrock 4 barrel and Victor Jr. intake, runs well but is loud as shoot since the tweakers who had it used sheet metal screws to build the exhaust from mismatched used pipes and mufflers. It's been a pain in the ass but not bad for an $800 truck.

Welcome from Tucson, AZ!

Welcome from WA!

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Welcome from the St. Louis, MO area!


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