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Weird headlight problems......


I have original 87 R10 with 4 headlight set up. Running lights/turn signals in the grille and running lights/turn signal on the outter front panels. The 2 upper lights are the dim and the 2 lower lights are high beams. All 4 are on when high beams are selected but only the top 2 when dim is selected. My issue:

Randomly my passenger turn signal arrow on the dash will glow greeen. When I turn the signal on it blinks really slow. Bigger problem is the passenger upper dim headlight goes out. Then out of nowwhere the driver side upper will go out. Occassionaly no dim lights at all. If I turn on high beams all 4 lights work great. I never have any issue with the lower 2 high beam lights, turn signals in the grille or on the outter front panels. Only intermittent on off upper dim lights and the weird arrow glow slow blinker.

Don't know exactly, but from what I have seen in this forum: Look for grounding problems i.e. make sure your grounding cables (many) are in good shape  8)

Thanks all. I cleaned all the grounds and it seems to be working ok. Also discovered the plastic protective housing on the passenger low beam wires was broken. The brown wire and green wire would slightly push out of the clip when I tried connecting the wires to the bulb.

I bought an 86 c10 and was having all kinds of blinker and headlight issues. Turned out the steering column wiring was fried, literally. Had to replace all that. Also, don't use LED bulbs for turn signals or for the dashboard, makes the turn signals act up.

Mr Diesel:
A lot of strange dashboard light problems can be traced to one or more bulbs being burned out, causing ground issues or weird electrical imbalances. Check every single bulb on the exterior of the truck. Replace any burned out (headlights, turn signal bulbs, running lights) and reassess the issue.


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