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Rear main replacement method.

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Hey guys
I have an 87 V10 with a leaky rear main seal Iím going to replace.  My question to you guys is if you had the resources to do it either way, would you pull the engine or do it under the truck?  I donít have a lift.  I have a couple of floor jacks l, some stands and a cherry picker.  Seems to me by the time I wrangle the tranny and xfer case around enough to get in there and then hook it all back up, I couldíve just as easily pulled the motor and done it.  Whatís your thoughts?

Ugly either way, but with your setup, I would pull the engine.

As Johnny said, tug the motor.

Yeah I'm seriously leaning towards that method.  Plus, it'll give me an opportunity to clean it up a bit.  If it was a 2wd I might do it in the truck. 

Yes 2WD is a no brainer, but xfer case and tranny are brutal especially if you don't have a lift.


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