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Drive won't catch after 7 month idle.

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Hey Guys- 73 C20 Here.

Been months since a post or work on my truck at all as I'm overseas again. Hope you've all be well.

To get to it - I hired a tow company to move my truck across state lines.
Towman gets there, fires up the truck, and says Drive won't catch... Transmission issue?
Was driving fine when I parked it in July, albeit a slow transmission fluid leak - is that my culprit?

Any thoughts or experience with something like this?

Maybe someone stole your driveshaft  ;D

Check the fluid level

Possible actually - good old Los Angeles...

Wouldn't be surprised if the trans fluid is low - it had a slow drip/leak around the pan months ago.
I read online that, and I paraphrase, 'you'd be surprised how much fluid pressure you need for a gear to catch.'

Still a problem I'll have to address months from now when I return, but was curious to know what you guys thought.
Thanks, Vile- hope you've been good.

Yes, and after sitting you get a lot of drain back so it's most likely just low and needs time to prime.

All good here, just too cold for my likes. Hope all is well with you too.

So, I got the truck in tow to Phoenix where my brother will park her in his driveway for me.
When he gets the truck, I'll walk him through getting her warmed up, but as for the gears not catching, I'll ask him to add transmission fluid.

I've never touched my own transmission fluid - always had a shop do it.
If I send him to AutoZone or O'Reillys, is there a specific transmission fluid I should get?
And how much should he add at first?

Any other tips or tricks?
(Only need to drive it up a driveway)


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